Jesco White – The Dancing Outlaw of Bandytown

Sanity, it seems benefits from the mundane. A happy medium is healthy for ones mental mechanics. But sometimes the mundane isn’t always an option. Dominic Murphy’s new film “White Lightnin” examines the collapsing male mind and uses the rip-roaring, gas-sniffing life of Appalachian trailer dweller, Jesco White, the dancing folk legend and inspiration for many… Continue reading Jesco White – The Dancing Outlaw of Bandytown

Joesph Losey, Dirk Bogarde and Stanley Baker – Patron Saints of Britain’s New Wave

Joseph Losey was one of America’s greatest gifts to British Cinema. Forced to abandon Hollywood for London with Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunt baying for his creative blood, his British residency, for the rest of his working life, ensured that such art house cinema classics as The Servant, Accident and The Go Between, were forever… Continue reading Joesph Losey, Dirk Bogarde and Stanley Baker – Patron Saints of Britain’s New Wave

Cosmo Jarvis/She’s Got You

Remember when it’s revealed on Seinfeld that Kramer’s real name is Cosmo and hilarity ensues? Well this guy’s name is Cosmo for real, Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis to be precise, and he looks like a six-inch nail if it had human features. I have the feeling though that Cosmo’s name is potentially made-up, to attract… Continue reading Cosmo Jarvis/She’s Got You

The Boxer Rebellion/Union

It’s been five years since The Boxer Rebellion’s last and only album “Exits“, not the amount of a time an up and coming band ideally wait before launching their sophomore effort. But their’s has been a rocky half decade, full of injury, financial turmoil and record contract foibles. Yet still they’ve managed to make it… Continue reading The Boxer Rebellion/Union

Red Light Company/Meccano

Meccano was such a shitty toy, I really didn’t get it, bolting together bits of metal and plastic to make some creaking 1960’s bakery van or a crappy crane. What self-respecting 5 year old would waste his time doing that. I did once, I made a truck and it was one of the major achievements… Continue reading Red Light Company/Meccano

School of The Seven Bells

New bands today are always labelled as the new somebody else; School of Seven Bells are no different and have been compared to My Bloody Valentine and The Cocteau Twins. News of these comparisons no doubt helped sell out the Night and Day Café last Friday night for the inaugural appearance of the band in… Continue reading School of The Seven Bells

Run Silent Run Deep – Dialog

I’m not sure about dance music, I don’t really understand it and I’m not sure how to. But I do like ambient/techno post dance outfit Dialog. Their work is for the hazy moments in life, the post-drink, post-club, post-party moments, when one’s head feels a bit syrupy, tiny noises seem like nuclear explosions and your… Continue reading Run Silent Run Deep – Dialog