Day: August 25, 2009

Jesco White – The Dancing Outlaw of Bandytown

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Sanity, it seems benefits from the mundane. A happy medium is healthy for ones mental mechanics. But sometimes the mundane isn’t always an option. Dominic Murphy’s new film “White Lightnin” examines the collapsing male mind and uses the rip-roaring, gas-sniffing life of Appalachian trailer dweller, Jesco White, the dancing folk legend and inspiration for many an alt-country song, to do so. It is a re-imagining of his sordid, tragedy ridden existence, with a  fictional ending […]

Joesph Losey, Dirk Bogarde and Stanley Baker – Patron Saints of Britain’s New Wave

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Joseph Losey was one of America’s greatest gifts to British Cinema. Forced to abandon Hollywood for London with McCarthy’s communist witch hunt baying for his creative blood, his British residency, for the rest of his working life, ensured that such art house cinema classics as The Servant, Accident and The Go Between, were forever enshrined in the British pantheon of film classics. Now in the year in which he would have celebrated his 100th birthday, […]