Month: November 2009

Thinking Nollywood – Icons In A Wasteland

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A woman with milky white irises stares blankly towards the camera. A human hand protruding from her mouth, like the tail of a calf trapped in the jaws of an anaconda. An old woman sits by a barred window, in a rocking chair, two golden coins resting in her eye sockets. Her fee for the boatman to ferry her to the underworld. But she doesn’t look dead. A badly burnt body rises from a car […]

“Flirting With This Disaster Became Me” The Final Days of Chet Baker

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Chet Baker’s last great concert, on April 28th 1988, was one of the biggest of his life. He was 51 but looked 75, the heroin addiction that he had harboured all his life would kill him months later and his grip on his art was slipping. The idea to re-create Baker’s seminal early album “Chet Baker with Strings” on stage, in Hannover, was developed by German TV producer Kurt Giese. Its success, in fact getting […]