Still Some Light – Bill Fay

Bill Fay has been dubbed “Britain’s musical Salinger” and is arguably one of the country’s most criminally undervalued songwriters, releasing two albums for Decca in the 1970’s and then disappearing from the music landscape after the label rashly dropped him. An aura of mystery has been placed upon Bill’s shoulders by the music press, but… Continue reading Still Some Light – Bill Fay

Memory Bucket – Manchester, Crawford and Jeremy Deller

In 1931 Gandhi visited Manchester, well he actually visited Darwen, which is in Lancashire, but it is close enough to illustrate the point I’m labouring to make. It is perhaps much better to say he visited the North of England, a place with a particular feel for life, with a populace that harbours a prickly… Continue reading Memory Bucket – Manchester, Crawford and Jeremy Deller