Messianic Qualities

Prologue George Washington-Plunkett died in a lighthouse on a Tuesday. He had never imagined himself dying on a Tuesday, it was non-descript, not like expiring on a Friday or a Sunday which had a little more apostolic value. Not that he ever saw himself in those terms of course, although other people had done, when he… Continue reading Messianic Qualities

She Moves Through the Fair

1 Her great-grandmother had been a hero to the people she had helped, putting her boat to a stormy sea time and again to rescue mariners from the stricken and sinking Forfarshire. She saved fourteen and on the fourth attempt disappeared into the spray. And her grandmother’s window looked out over a North Sea view,… Continue reading She Moves Through the Fair

Alfred Hitchcock – Master of Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock personifies cinematic suspense, he virtually invented it and then wrote the book on how to portray it on the screen. You only have to think of the shadowy figure approaching the shower curtain in Psycho, or the eerie enclosure of the San Francisco streets in Vertigo, the windmill spinning backwards in Foreign Correspondent, the violent storms of Marnie and,… Continue reading Alfred Hitchcock – Master of Suspense