A Mancunian Tour – Hidden City – A Review

I guess I would class myself as something of a modern Mancunian expert. I’ve lived in the city just about twenty five years and witnessed its transformation from decaying post-war, post-industrial relic, to modern swaggering metropolis. It is a revolution which is both joyful and gut-wrenching, gut-wrenching because the change has been so total, almost completely eviscerating the Manchester… Continue reading A Mancunian Tour – Hidden City – A Review

Monte Rosa to Windrush

I served the wine on their brainwash holidays and I would have spat in their faces as I leaned in with the bottle if I’d had the guts to do it. If strength brings joy then their joy would bring nothing but hurt, to everyone, especially to those men left behind in Bastogne and on Sword Beach… Continue reading Monte Rosa to Windrush