Cosmo Jarvis/She’s Got You

CosmoPic.jpg.displayRemember when it’s revealed on Seinfeld that Kramer’s real name is Cosmo and hilarity ensues? Well this guy’s name is Cosmo for real, Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis to be precise, and he looks like a six-inch nail if it had human features. I have the feeling though that Cosmo’s name is potentially made-up, to attract attention and produce a flamboyant go-getter aura, much in the same vein as “Elton John” and “Gordon Brown” have lent a new lease of life to Reg Dwight and Andre Chorlton. It’s very likely too that Cosmo has modelled his marvellous moniker on Sir Cosmo-Duff Gordon, a silver medal winning fencer from the early 1900’s, who survived the sinking of the Titanic and married a genteel lay-dee whose sister wrote porn. All true, believe it or not, not a figment of my imagination on a rainy Monday afternoon.

“She’s Got You” is the New Jersey born, Devon raised troubadour’s first single from his upcoming album “HumAsYouHitch”. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, who, before contracts and audiences came calling, wrote 250 songs in the space of five years. He plays the ukulele too and has apparently penned quite a few poisonous ditties about ghastly celebrity irritants Jessica Alba and Britney Spears.

Cosmo sounds a bit like Billy Bragg, but he isn’t an insufferable nerd and doesn’t drone on about the tax man, the private lives of milkmen and cups of tea. No, it appears that Mr Cosmo has dived into the “world music” cannon, picked up a handful of influences, thrown them up into the air and this gem has fallen down from above. There’s some Hawaiian ukuleles, there’s some African pan-pipes ala Paul Simon’s Graceland, there’s some reggae influences and a wonderful Beatle-esque bridge that has echoes of old British music hall. The song, a tongue-in cheek plea to a friend who has fallen into the clutches of a devious girlfriend, has the hallmarks of bubblegum folk, an intelligent, light hearted acoustic sound. The lyrics aren’t half bad too: “When will you learn, she’s got you wrapped around her little finger” goes the fetching chorus.

It’s wonderful really, shockingly catchy with a rollickingly good tune. Think Sufjan Stevens and his brand of turquoise blue, clean pop, powered by school recorders and you’re just about there. He’s only nineteen too and obviously has ladlefuls of potential. One to watch and that’s for sure. An eccentric wonder who looks set to live up to his amazing name.

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