Scott Matthews : Elsewhere

Who ever heard of a Wolverhampton troubadour? It’s not really a place you would expect to breed troubadours, but obviously Scott Matthews slipped through the net. You don’t often take a stroll around the Bullring and bump into a Woody Guthrie like character carrying around a battered guitar marked “This Machine Kills Fascists”. Although, honestly… Continue reading Scott Matthews : Elsewhere

Dirty Projectors/Polar Bear/A Mid-Summer Night At The Mint Lounge

A balmy, sun streaked Manchester is what greeted Dirty Projectors, on their inaugural trip to the city, to perform. The good thing about Manchester is that it looks its self in grey slate sky’s yet sparkles when the sunshines. It’s a rare gift. Manchester is built for the rain, everything feels in sync when you… Continue reading Dirty Projectors/Polar Bear/A Mid-Summer Night At The Mint Lounge

Elegy for Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is dead? But I saw him just the other day At the bus stop Minding his own business Buzzing To himself Like we all do I breezed past him in my tailored raincoat He caught my eye Or his caught mine Or it was mutual Or he liked my raincoat And he produced… Continue reading Elegy for Jeff Goldblum

Jon Hopkins – Insides

Robert Leeming For many people listening to ambient music is the equivalent of watching a fence warp. Not for me though, I’ve broke the ambient wall, I’ve sat through a Steve Reich record, which is basically the same few notes repeated again and again played by an orchestra of doorbells. If I appear not to… Continue reading Jon Hopkins – Insides

Morrissey – Ringleader of the Tormentors

Morrissey is probably the last British musical icon, someone who ranks alongside Lennon, McCartney, Jaggar and Bowie, although a music critic once said that the last British musical icon was Elton John, luckily this person is now serving life in a Siberian cultural gulag….where he sits around all day listening to George Formby and eating… Continue reading Morrissey – Ringleader of the Tormentors

Finders Keepers

The other day I was reading about the British actor James Mason, star of films such as Kubrick’s Lolita and Hitchcock’s North by North West. After moving into Buster Keaton’s former house in the Hollywood Hills, Mason discovered a small building, hidden in the undergrowth within the properties grounds. He broke open the rusted door… Continue reading Finders Keepers

Christmas on The Cote d’ Azur – A Review of ‘Bonne Annee’ by Jean-Pierre Massiera

Many musical sins are committed during the festive season, just look at a list of Christmas number ones and you will see a whole host of them, many now used as instruments of torture at Guantanamo Bay. Lock me in a room with the last 20 years of Christmas number ones playing on a loop… Continue reading Christmas on The Cote d’ Azur – A Review of ‘Bonne Annee’ by Jean-Pierre Massiera

Oh the Money to be Made in the Enigma Game 19/12/08

Scott Walker, Bill Fay and Nick Drake are often listed as the mystery men of British music, enigmatic and reclusive are descriptions that apply to all three. There are plenty of competitors for those titles today though, reclusive and enigmatic are labels artists increasingly cling to in an attempt to fetter a myth around themselves… Continue reading Oh the Money to be Made in the Enigma Game 19/12/08

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