From Virginia Woolf to Flann O’Brien – A literary patchwork quilt

Changing from one literary world to another can often be a wrench. Quite a lot of time is devoted to reading a book from cover to cover and when the imaginary world that you have invited and invested yourself into caves in and dies on the last page, it is difficult not to feel bereft,… Continue reading From Virginia Woolf to Flann O’Brien – A literary patchwork quilt

Constricting Interiors – Chantal Akerman

Je Tu Il Elle Who was Chantal Akerman? She was a renowned Belgian film maker. She was born in Brussels in 1950 and she killed herself in Paris a few weeks ago. When a journalist from Village Voice asked Julie Christie, (the actress from Darling and Don’t Look Back and a name to anyone under… Continue reading Constricting Interiors – Chantal Akerman

Not Made Manifest

A sea breeze blew the music charts from a horseshoe of silver stands sending pages of yellowing staves and treble clefs slicing through the air. I told Greta that clothes pegs might be needed but she begged me to stop concentrating on the tiny details and consider the larger picture. She ordered me into the… Continue reading Not Made Manifest

F For Fake – Orson says: ‘Never Trust an Expert’

I am not an expert. I say that with all due consideration to you, the reader, who may well have found this page expecting expertise, thinned and straightened into horizontal lines, ready for you to take up your collective noses like Victorian snuff. We live in the era of the expert. The twenty four hour… Continue reading F For Fake – Orson says: ‘Never Trust an Expert’

Seven Pines or Brandy Station?

My eyes opened on Brandy Station, a fading white wooden building on a hillside that the sun was slowly removing from the glass greenhouse tiles. I remember Brandy Station as a labyrinth but everyone remembers things differently. Washington Roebling and I escaped the Wilderness together and we wandered for miles, towards the Cumberland, with Roebling… Continue reading Seven Pines or Brandy Station?